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Charlotte Everaert

Freelance digital creative & marketeer

Hi! I am Charlotte, a natural-born storyteller and a goal-oriented busy bee.

I am a lover of everything social and love to make brands shine.


You can contact me for content creation (photography, copywriting), digital marketing activities, social media management and PR & communication strategy. I have an eye for detail and a love for aesthetics and a good story.

Let's meet over a cup of coffee to discuss what we can do for each other!

Henry De Rudder

Freelance IT- and finance consultant

Hi! I am Henry, an analytical mind specialized in cracking numbers. 

I am a hard worker with a special interest within the finance, investment, IT and Digital Transformation field.

Currently I am available for consultancy assignments throughout Belgium.

Let's meet over a cup of coffee to discuss what we can do for each other!



Drømmehold is a Belgium based consulting firm active in IT, finance, digital marketing and communication. We turn ideas into action and we don't rest until we deliver something extraordinary.


+ Social Media - strategy, content creation, maintaining of social channels

+ Content writing & photography for blogposts, e-mail listings, campaigns

+ Digital Marketing, SEO, SEA

+ (Re)branding, graphic, website design

+ Digital business consulting

+ Accounting, Finance assignments
+ Digital Transformation

+ IT consulting

+ Interior Label For The Bold

+ Interior projects upon request

+ Stock Sale in Summer `20

+ Boutique bed & breakfast group

+ 3 locations in Ghent, Belgium

+ Inspiring places to recharge and repose.  

Due to COVID-19 we are permanently closed.





In the past Drommehold has successfully completed assignments for multiple clients, ranging from Arseus Medical, Becton Dickinson, Atos, Levi's, Flair, Weekend Knack, De Morgen Magazine, Stad Antwerpen, Interieur Kortrijk, Wrangler to Duvel, Dreamland, Orange, Groen van Bij Ons, Aldi and Buffalo.


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